Sometimes We Have To Learn The Heart Way

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“I believe that the heart is the most forceful and impactful element in our lives.”

~Maya Angelou

Most of us know that the heart is a muscular organ that pumps blood throughout  the circulatory system. Deep down, however, I believe many of us know that the heart does much more than that. Ever hear of a woman’s intuition? Of course you have. The skill to navigate through life beyond just using our senses has been something accredited to women for centuries.

I know first hand that women tend to live in a much deeper emotional dimension than most men. My mother, for instance, has an incredible intuitive sense about the world that is really quite mind blowing and even scary at times. Her ability to know what’s going to happen before it actually does is something I’ve always in some sense been called to understand.

There was a study done at the HeartMath Institute that was sparked by this question: How does information flow from the heart to the brain?

heart, HeartMath, inspiration, intuition, listen, advice, James Calderon, Positively James

Participants in the study were connected to sensors that measure heart beats and brain waves. The participants were exposed to various images.  Some images were of a high arousal caliber like snakes striking and car crashes. Others were of a low arousal caliber like nature and bunnies.

Participants were then asked to press a button which would subject them to a blank screen for six seconds. They were asked to hit the button again and the computer would randomly display an image for three seconds. After that, the screen would go blank for ten seconds. This process continued thirty times.

What was discovered is that the heart seemed to know the images before they were seen with the eyes.

If the future picture was emotionally arousing, the heart rate began to drop for about five seconds before the image (which was randomly selected by the computer) was shown on the screen. No one knew what the future picture was going to be.

With calm pictures, the heart rate seemed to rise and had less of a deceleration than when the participants were subjected to the emotionally arousing images.

It was discovered that information comes to the heart first. The heart then sends a different signal to the brain (which can be measured). Then there is a brain response and finally a body response.This is where the feeling becomes conscious (hairs on the back of the neck type stuff).

So it was discovered that the real flow of information is heart→brain→body. This all seems to happen  many seconds before the event occurs.

Dr. Rollin Mccarty, vice president and the Director of Research of the HeartMath Institute mentioned, “the heart seems to be connected to a type of intuition that is not bound by the limits of time and space.” Cue the Twilight Zone music, please!

So what is the heart connected to? I believe the answer to this question is something of a personal nature. What do I mean? Well, we all have our beliefs.  And our beliefs are personal to us. So whatever you think the answer is, hold on to that as YOUR truth. No one can take your truth away from you.

heart, HeartMath, inspiration, intuition, listen, advice, James Calderon, Positively James

One thing I can say is respect your heart. Tap into that heart energy a little more. How can we do this? There are many ways. Meditation seems to help me quite a bit. Sometimes I simply just ask my heart a question like, “What would you like me to share with the world today or what do I do now?”  When I listen…like really listen, the answer always comes. There are many ways to do this. I invite you to discover what the best ways are for you.

Hands down, my biggest struggle in life has been between following the instruction and direction of society, parents and friends and following my heart. This is human.

We want to please the people we love and the outside world.   Like to think this is all done with good intention.  However, it is when I decided to fully align with what my heart was telling me, my life became grand and filled with purpose. What good are we to society or our loved ones if we are not fulfilling our true purpose in life?

If you feel you have lost touch with the truest parts of who you are, then perhaps it is time to reestablish your relationship with your heart.  Paulo Coelho once said, “We will never ever reach our full potential if we don’t open our hearts.” Blue sky thinking my friends… sky thinking.

Stay connected.

Positively yours,


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