If You Would Just Shut Up For A Minute

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“When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. If you listen, you might learn something new.”

~Dalai Lama

You reached out to me. Maybe to vent and that’s fine. Maybe you just needed an ear. We all do sometimes.  All good.  Don’t mind holding space for you.  What bugs me, however, is you don’t come up for air, honey child. I really just want to tell you to shut up.

Not because you annoy me, but because your thoughts do. I could clearly see that you are attached to the same story you’ve been telling yourself for quite some time now. How do I know?  It just has that rehearsed feel to it. Make no mistake, your pain is real.  And I understand that I don’t understand that kind of pain.  I really don’t.

shut up, listen, advice, personal, encouragement, story, James Calderon, Positively James

Imagine that.  James has nothing to make it better for you right now. Zero. Nada. I’m still going to listen, though I really wish you would just shut up. Not so much you, but your thoughts. They’re loud.  At least turn down the volume. What’s that?  Never mind, you’re still talking. Let it go, homie. You’ve played this level over and over again. The flag is that way!  Where’s the warp zone on this level?

There should be a mute button for our negative thoughts.  I would definitely use it on your thoughts. I could see a reset button working wonders right now. Seriously though, if you would just shut up for a minute, I would loudly remind you that you are the captain of your ship.  I would remind you that you are powerful.  And tell you that the power you possess has a name. Choice.

I know it hurts and again, I’m sorry I can’t understand that kind of pain, but I’ve felt some serious pain in my life as well.  Yes, the kind I never want to feel again, but we have a choice. We always have a choice.  Do we let it hinder us from getting what we really want out of life, or do we walk through it and reap the rewards?

There you go with the “but, but…” again. You really want to hold on to that story, don’t you? I’ve been there.  Something about that dysfunction feels good, huh? If you would just shut up for a minute, however, I would remind you that there are people out there who could help you. But you have to shut up and listen. Pause on the story for a bit.  Be open to telling yourself a new story. One that sounds good, but most importantly, feels good when you tell it.

The bridge between where we are and where we desire to be is called WORK. If you would just shut up for a minute…ok not so much you, but if your thoughts could pipe down a little, I could then encourage you to start doing the work. I could be honest with you and let you know that sometimes the work sucks, but if you believe you can get it done, then you will. I could remind you that the sun will shine again, but only if you believe it will.

shut up, listen, advice, personal, encouragement, story, James Calderon, Positively James

What do you say? How about shutting it down? Not so much you, but the thoughts you are choosing to entertain right now. Take the needle off the broken record. How about finding a new playlist?  My favorite playlist is titled, “Well- Being.” Have anything like that you could put on shuffle?

Ok, I think I’ll shut up now.

Positively here always,


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