My Heavy Heart

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“ A mind that is too easy holds a heart that is too heavy.”

~Franz Schubert

It may come off like I handle this life thing well.  I get up out of bed and get my butt to the gym. I am graciously able to smile at my partner and kids, as well shower them with love. I’m able to cook for myself and others. Laundry still gets washed and folded.  I’m still able to smile at the average person, as well as hold a door open for others. We need groceries? I’m on it. I even find time to stress a little on matters that don’t really matter. And evidently, I’m still able to box out some time to write and create a decent blog post from time to time. I can do all these things and more, but the truth is, lately I do all of this with a heart that feels as heavy as a paper weight.

As we smile and laugh with each other and go out of our way to get presents under the tree, my heart is heavy. The thought that a little over 7,000 miles away from California, our brothers and sisters (yes people in the grand scheme of things that is what we are) are dying. One in ten of Syria’s war dead are ages 17 and younger. The thought that 11,000 children have been killed weighs heavy on my heart.

Heavy Heart, James Calderon, Positively James, Syria, children, parents, philanthropy, donation, brothers, sisters

I’m sure most of you have seen the disturbing footage of children and their parents having to endure the horrors of this so called civil war in Syria. The images flash across the screen of my mind several times a day.  I can’t help but think about how helpless a father and mother must feel in not being able to protect their loved ones.

Recently, a friend of mine posted her thoughts on the matter on Facebook and was sweet enough to find an organization that is going above and beyond to move into compassion and provide aide to Aleppo.

After I read her post, I became inspired to have a talk with my girls. I had them get off their accounts, and had them separately do some research and tell me what was going on in Aleppo.  Neither of them knew of it before hand. Sadly, I wasn’t surprised.

After they both shared what was going on, we had a deep conversation about the many blessings we experience on the daily. The tears were too heavy to keep in, but I felt the talk was overdue. My goal was to get them to step away from their worlds for a bit and recognize how connected we all are.

They were happy to learn about the organization, Together Rising and we all agreed to donate some money to help our brothers and sisters.

So as we rush around to get presents under the tree this year, please take some time to bring yourself up to speed on how you can be the change we all need to see in our world.

Below, I have provided a website for you to learn about the organization and what they are dong to aid Aleppo, as well as a link to make a donation. Re-member,(comeback together) every little bit counts.

In Aleppo, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for–Please read

Thank you for allowing me to share.

Big love always.

Positively yours,


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