A Little More Of This For The New Year

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Well, the new year is approaching quickly.  We are hours away, so I won’t get too fancy with this one.  As a matter of fact, let’s get right to it.

 “Most of the messages we receive daily are from people selling easy buttons.”

-Brene Brown

I’m thinking this year I’d like to get a little bit of my soul back. I say a little because I know anything worth doing takes time. Sound like something you’d be interested in doing?

We are living in one of the greatest times ever. But it is also one of the weirdest times ever, and if we don’t try and nourish the soul, we could lose ourselves, and maybe have a repeat of last year. Shall we begin? I knew you’d be ready.

On that note, how about a little more love for each other and a little less hate? How about a little more home cooked meals and a little less eating trash? How about a little more family time and a little less social media? How about a little more soul searching and a little less mindless television?

How about a little more exercise and a little less ESPN time on the couch? Is it me, or is there a little more drama in sports these days? Just saying.

How about a little less flashy and a little more classy? How about a little less bragging and a little more inspiration? How about a little more self-worth and a little less people pleasing? How about a little more reading and a little less google? That last one might be difficult.

How about a little more action and a little less opinion? How about a little more appreciation and little less whining? How about a little more support and a little less flaking? How about discovering a little more of YOU and a little less of them? How about a little more passion and a little less conforming? How about a little more soul and a little less system?

I could honestly go on for hours, but I think you know what is needed for you to get a little bit of your soul back.  Over the last ten years of my life, it seems like it has been more of an unbecoming of what I thought mattered. How about you? Perhaps it is time to start chipping away at the stone; at least until we reach the golden center. It’s going to take work, yeah? In my experience the treasure is always in the work. No better time to start than now.

Happy New Year!

Positively yours,


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