Let Me Remind You…You Are Amazing!

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Every now and then we stumble and at times even fall. Sometimes when we fall, we think we’ve failed. Baby, we only fail when we stop trying and stay down.  But we don’t do that. Psshh, that’s right, we get up! We get back on! Honey child, you’re amazing! Just in case you forgot, let me remind you.

Check you out! Look at how you step out into the world and carve out your own space. Baby boy, you make this world a better place. You bring happiness to your friends, neighbors and community—online and offline. Praise you.

Look at how much your kids adore you.  You are their superhero. I know he left, but probably for the better because your kids are kicking ass in school and most importantly, in life. That’s all you girl! You help, guide and protect your babies.  You work hard to keep the lights on and food in the fridge. You’re setting goals and looking to the sky, and we can clearly see your head is the game Miss Thang!

My friend, I absolutely love how you’re aware that the blame game is futile and nothing but a dead-end road.  Oh no, you don’t go down that road. You take responsibility for your actions and take life in your own hands.  You’ve created something from nothing! You’re the thinnest cut slice. Nobody does it like you do it.

You’re so good to your family. You listen and engage. You nourish them in so many different ways. You show up for the ones you love day in and day out. Amazing.

You are present and aware.  You take the time to go toe to toe with your ego and understand that beliefs you once held so close—no longer serve your well-being.  You live an examined life.  Socrates would be proud.

Your actions are super loud. You walk the walk. Everywhere you go, you draw a crowd of love, respect and honor. How could you not be proud of yourself? You never give up, despite your health issues.  You don’t do excuses. You never hide behind yourself.  You’re a truth seeker. You invite us to better ourselves and for that—WE appreciate the day you were born. Amazing.

You’re a creator.  You’ve created and continue to create things that make the lives of others around you better. If we are what we repeatedly do, then my friend, you are divinity at its finest. Let us drink from your fountain. You go with your bad self!

If for some reason you fall down and begin to lose faith, let this be a reminder of how amazing we think you are. Keep burning hot. Keep loving big. And by all means,  my homie, remember who you are.

And so it is.

Positively yours,


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