Judge Of The Universe Sounds Like A Crappy Job

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I have made some serious mistakes in my life. I’m talking full on blunders, oversights, miscalculations and faux pas. I’ve made some choices that have not only hurt others, but also myself as well in the long run.  Sometimes the worst hurts are from the mistakes we keep beating ourselves up about.  It’s not easy being the judge of the universe.  As a matter of fact, I quit and I recommend you do too.

We are humans doing human things and sometimes those human things are going to bump into other humans doing human things. What I’m trying to say is mistakes are inevitable. I don’t believe every mistake we make however, is a warrant for heavy continuous admonition, especially from ourselves.

Now we don’t really have control of how others view or act upon our mistakes, but we sure do have control of how we deal with our own slip-ups.  Fine, go ahead and throw a couple mental blows, but I encourage you to not participate in the continuous mental beat down for the next 6 months of your life.  That would just be a waste of your divine time here on this planet.

I believe that mistakes are a cry out for compassion with a little extra love on the side.  If  from no one else then at least from ourselves.

Here’s a concept: Forgive yourself.

Quit acting like you’re the only one who’s ever made a mistake. Everyone has a past, and if they are beating up on you about mistakes you’ve made in the past, they need to quit acting like they’ve never made a mistake in their lifetime either.

Again, we have no control of how others deal with our mistakes. Just saying.

It’s not our job to judge others or ourselves so harshly.  That’s a stressful job and a real quick way to find ourselves living a miserable life.

What’s most important is what lies before us and what we choose to do with the moments that lie ahead.  How will we rally and perk up the day before us?

If you’re making mistakes then in my eyes, you are living my friend! And learning from living is the name of the game.

I think we forget sometimes that we are divine creatures. Sometimes I wonder, why us? Why do we get to enjoy this one beautiful planet amongst the cosmos?

My answer is always the same.  We are loved. And if we are loved then that must mean we can be forgiven because forgiveness is one of love’s faces.

I hope you can find peace in that and free yourself from the occupation of judging yourself. Life is too precious to dwell on the past. The only time we should ever look back is to see how far we’ve come.

Positively yours,


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