When Will We Heed The Call To Greatness?

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There is something about greatness. We’re attracted to greatness.  You know why? I believe it’s because we have greatness in all of us. Like attracts like, right?  However, we don’t always heed the call to greatness. Many of us cater to our logical side, which likes to keep us comfortable in familiar territories. Rarely do we explore the magnificent possibilities this world has to offer.

I believe we should honor the call to greatness. When we do this, we honor our souls calling to fully express itself. In other words, we embrace the idea of living a genuine life on our own terms. Who doesn’t want a taste of that freedom?

I could also tell you firsthand that when we are reluctant to honor our soul’s calling, we set ourselves up to experience something distressing in the future.

This can look like divorce, losing a job or cancer. Believe me, I know, I’ve endured all three. Yes, I can be hard headed and haven’t always followed my intuitive callings-that’s another story.

Sometimes, if we don’t pay attention to the calling, the universe will shake up our familiar worlds until we have no choice but to pay attention. The choice is always ours. Listen and be guided, or get your world shook up. No matter what, shit will go down.

What I’m trying to get at here is that I would like to see more people become the hero of their own story. I would like to see more people answer the call; whatever it may be.  The number one thing that holds us back is fear.

greatness, call, hero, journey, James Calderon, Positively James, advice, inspiration,story, heed the call to greatness,

I believe, however, that there is something within us that wants to face and triumph over our fears, but for some reason we’ve become little wussies, and have allowed our practical and logical sides to run the show.  Don’t get me wrong, we need practicality and logic in our lives, but we should never lose touch with our spirits and what it desires. This is the crème de la crème of life. Our intuition is the GPS of our souls. Plug in!

We are bigger than ordinary. We are better than the mundane worlds we so very often surround ourselves in. What makes you come alive? If you don’t know then listen. And when you get that call to right a wrong, confront a challenge, achieve a dream, or to change your life, pick it up and answer it! Because what the world needs right now is for you to come alive.

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