Freedom vs Fear…Who you Betting On?

freedom, fear, action, alignment, dreams, goals, achievement, James Calderon, Positively James, advice, positivity, thoughts“Greatness belongs to those who have mastered their internal world.”

~Brendon Burchard

Haha!!! Oh man, let’s get real, how close are we to mastering our internal world?  How do we know we have? Well, let me first tell you, I am far from having mastered my internal world.  How do I know? I still make unconscious (automatic) decisions based on old fears. Fears that conjure up thoughts of worry and give me a sense that I may not be enough.

I know many of us have these same fears gnawing at us from time to time. The man who is terrorized by the fear of leaving his crappy job and starting his own business is constantly hindered by it.

The woman who starts and stops action, and falls short of building any kind of momentum toward achieving her dreams has her neck underneath the foot of these fears.

The supervisor who would rather belittle his team then to actually take the time to build them up and connect with them; he too, is a slave to the tyrant we call fear. The beast is real!

Real only because we continue to feed it by not taking action toward achieving something that I know is important to many of us— personal freedom.

Deep down, I feel this is something many of us want.

When I really breakdown my reason for choosing to do what I do, I always come to the same thing.  Freedom. I want personal freedom. Freedom to live life on my own terms. Freedom to mount, scale up, grow and express myself as honestly and authentically as possible.  For who? For me.  For humanity!

freedom, fear, action, alignment, dreams, goals, achievement, James Calderon, Positively James, advice, positivity, thoughts

What does personal freedom look like for you and what can you do today to start working toward it?

It’s important to understand that the fears that have been holding us back for who knows how long are not going to just disappear.  They are not there by accident.

Maybe they were planted in you by an old teacher or maybe even your parents.  Maybe they were planted there by a past or current lover. Maybe it was a tragic event that occurred in your life and now you are too timid to take action in the now because of it. Please believe they run deep.

They grew over time as we fed them with more and more fearful thoughts. Our lack of action feeds the beast as well. Makes it stronger.  Make no mistake, we will have to go toe to toe with the beast (our fears) if we want to live a life that allows us to claim our personal freedom.

The cool thing is that by choosing to follow a dream or achieve a goal that is important to you, they will pop up. Funny how that works.  We want this, however. These are perfect opportunities to address them and see if we can find any truth in that fear.  In my experience, I hardly ever do.

If I do, then I try to imagine myself moving past it and then I begin to fancy the thoughts of all the positive outcomes that could show up in my life if I did what was scaring me anyway.

The more we do this, the more automatic our brains become in conjuring up the thoughts that will aid us in moving past our fears.  A reprogramming if you will.

Another way to claim our personal power is to be totally upfront with ourselves. Daily, we should be asking ourselves if what we are doing is moving us closer to personal freedom.

freedom, fear, action, alignment, dreams, goals, achievement, James Calderon, Positively James, advice, positivity, thoughts

“Is what I’m doing now moving me closer to personal freedom?”

Sadly, I have days when I suck. Days when I’m lacking in the action department; doing impertinent things that are not in alignment with my desires to achieve personal freedom. We all do. That is why we feel stuck, or are currently unable to move past our fears.

I wouldn’t recommend beating yourself up if you aren’t currently taking action toward personal freedom.  Playing the victim here is just a waste of time and will only hinder us from getting back on track.

Recognize when you haven’t been taking the appropriate action in alignment with your goals. Accept that you fell off and get your ass back on the horse!  I have to recommit to my goals several times a year. Remember, the beast is real, but by taking action, we are not feeding the beast anymore.  The more we do this, the more momentum we build and confident we become.

How important is this to you?

If claiming our personal power, which obviously leads to personal freedom is important to us then the actions we take should be in alignment with it. Plain and simple.

This might mean less scrolling on Facebook and the other social networks we allow to distract us.  This might mean less catering to the every single need of our loved ones—friends and family.   This doesn’t mean we love them any less.  It just means we are serious about making our mark in this world and living life on our own terms.

Think of all the things that distract you from doing what you really want to do.  Do less of that.  Some might be easy to cut off and others not so easy. Again, how important is this to you and do your loved ones understand?

I’ll be the first to tell you I get distracted all the time. I find myself going to do something quick on social media for Positively James and the next thing I know, a half hour goes by and I forgot to do what I had originally set out to do. I know, funny shit, huh? You know you do it, too! Don’t front♥

I also love movies! There are days I just want to cuddle up on the couch, eat and watch Netflix and Hulu all day.  Even this morning I would’ve loved to have gone to the lake with my lover and her kids, but I knew I had to do what was going to allow me to move my pin forward today. And tomorrow I will see I am a little closer than I was the day before. Recipe for confidence? You bet!

It really all comes down to the choices we make and the actions we take.  Are your actions in alignment with what you desire most in life? Are your actions in alignment with freedom or fear?

So we haven’t mastered our internal worlds yet.  We’re on our way. Keep caring about what matters most to you.  If fear pops up then face it.  Ask yourself if there is any truth to the fear and if it’s worthy of worry. Most likely it won’t be. Be aware of your actions. Make sure they’re aligned with the kind of life you desire; if not, no worries. Recommit and realign.

Respect the struggle, enjoy the journey and by all means, keep it moving.

Positively yours,


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