How Sticking To The Facts Can Reduce The Suffering In Our Lives

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Let’s not beat around the bush.  Life can certainly be a doozy to handle sometimes. It can be as cold as ice and hard as nails. So we “think” anyway. Here are some phrases we might say when the going gets tough:

“Why me?!!”

“I’m a failure.”

“What did I do to deserve this?”


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Back To The Drawing Board For Me

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Well, it’s back to the drawing board for me.

This term came about during WWII to describe the acceptance that a design has failed and a new one is needed.  At this juncture in my life, I’m feeling like my original design has failed and a new one is most definitely needed.


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It Really Does Take A Village

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It really does take a village.

First and foremost, on behalf of everyone here, I’d like to congratulate Jayda and Isabella on a job well done! You’ve endured the valleys of of this journey and have reached the peak of this chapter in your life. And if I might add, you’ve done it with both grace and elegance and we couldn’t be more proud of you two!


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A Letter To The Reincarnated Me


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Dear James,

My bad, your name probably isn’t James. We have the same soul, but not the same name, I’m sure. For all I know, you’re a woman or maybe even an animal of some sort.  I heard the Divine likes to switch things up a bit.

You won’t remember me or the life I lived. I mean you shouldn’t.  This is your time now. The only thing we have in common is the soul you now possess. My body once harbored the soul your body harbors now.  Breathe. I know this is a lot to take in.


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