James Calderon, Positively James, Positivity, inspirational quotes, taking the journey to becoming the best version of ourselves

Hello there people!! I’m James Calderon, also known as Mr. C, James Boy, James David and my most favorite these days, Positively James. I’m a jack of all trades kind of guy and a single father of two amazing little ladies, Jayda and Marena. Welcome to my world of positivity!

I’m an only child who was born in Brooklyn and raised in Queens, New York. I am the son of an amazing entrepreneur, hairstylist and artist, Rachel Ayuso.

Many people ask me why I moved to Northern California from such an urban city like Queens. The truth is I didn’t have much of a choice. My mother was the type of person who moved when a neighborhood got bad. This was frequent, so eventually she was just ready to get the heck out of The Big Apple.

The only background information I had about California was everything I had seen on BayWatch, so I was sold on the idea if you know what I mean. Shallow teenager? Perhaps so. Well my friends, I was in for a surprise because Northern California is nothing like Southern California, which is where the episodes of BayWatch were filmed.

I vividly remember the day I arrived in a small town called Arcata. We landed in a tiny carport, I mean airport and in a few short moments, we were on our way to the Fireside Inn. We passed acres upon acres of an agricultural utopia. I’m talking cows, horses, more cows, barns, grass and more grass. Shockingly, the sun was no where to be found!!! I mean this was California!!! No sun? Coming from the concrete jungle of New York City, one could easily imagine the culture shock I was experiencing.

When we arrived at the hotel, we were greeted with an earthquake of a magnitude of 7.0 on the Richter! Welcome to California, James!
“Who’s the new black kid?” is something I heard frequently in the beginning. Don’t think Arcata was hip to Puerto Ricans quite yet, but boy they would be!

After High School, I sort of went where the wind blew. Never thought I’d travel the United Sates rapping and singing my little heart out, but I did. Never thought I’d record an album and have #1 songs on the radio, but I did. Never thought I’d be told I had cancer and let alone rise above it, but I did. Never thought I graduate college, but I did. Never thought I’d become a teacher and work with the special education population, but I did. Never thought I’d get married and become a father, but I did. Never thought I’d get a divorce, but I did. Never thought I’d launch a website and become a blogger, but I am! Has it all been pretty? Not in the least. Life has not been boring for the city boy gone rural!

James Calderon, Positively James, Positivity, inspirational quotes, taking the journey to becoming the best version of ourselves

If someone were to ask me what I like most about myself, I’d say it is my ability to surprise myself and inspire others! So here I am, embarking on a journey to yet surprise myself once again with hopes to inspire even more people along the journey.

I introduce the world to Positively James!

The vision is to give people hope – the kind of hope that starts people thinking ahead with some optimism.

I hope you enjoy my website, positivelyjames.com. On my website, you will find uplifting written content, video interviews with amazing people, music videos and an enticing world of positivity. So how about it? Ready to surprise ourselves?

Positively yours,


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